Residential Trauma and Addiction Rehabilitation Centres

There are times where treatment requires a more intensive process than outpatient therapy will permit Abby Green thus supports the residential treatment of patients suffering from commitable issues in particular where substance abuse or severely detrimental behaviours that become more of a risk than weekly therapy could support.

In such cases, we highly recommend the commitment to an appreciated mental health treatment centres and have partnered with Recovery Direct Private Care Rehabilitation Centre in Constantia in Cape Town.

Recovery Direct Mental Health Retreat in Cape Town

Recovery Direct is a multi disciplinary treatment centre with a specialist focus cognitivetrauma based behaviour therapy to address depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other interpersonal issues.

Complete list of treatment centres in South Africa can be located here via the Relapse Prevention .

Referral Network

The referral network includes psychiatric care professionals across South Africa that are able to address both DSM5 (PTSD) trauma based related disorders AND have a specialised focus/interest on complex trauma (C-PTSD) and the ongoing resolution of the resulting maladaptive behaviours.

High-risk patients (with imminent suicidal risks, medical detox) are referred into allied facilities until stabilised, thereafter may continue therapy with their respective close proximity mental health professionals.

Recovery Direct outreach into specialised treatment of addiction related disorders and includes the following organisations : Online Rehab Programme, Wild Care Teen Recovery, South African Recovery Group Forum, Drug Abuse Helpline, South African National Addiction Psychology Professionals, The Cape Town Rehab Consortium,  and the Psychiatric Care Institute of South Africa these organisations are independently operated in the interests of specialised addiction treatment services.

Residential Facility Admissions

Specialist addiction treatment care is in most cases referred into dynamic 28 day dedicated treatment programmes thereafter with the cycle broken patients resume therapy with their close proximity mental health professionals.

Assessment for addiction treatment admission viability includes simple skype or telephonic conversations lead by local registered counsellors and in the interests of what will work best for the client. (These clinical assessments are not a free service and are charged at applicable rates).