Online/Virtual Counselling

What is Online/Virtual Counselling?

Life today can be so busy and hectic that time is often a luxury. There is a general trend toward the use of the Internet to accomplish many tasks, like online shopping for example. I offer counselling online, that can be conducted in the privacy and convenience of your own home. There is no need for travel, and the obstacle of distance is overcome too. Through the use of Skype, you can get the help you need without ever leaving your house.

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Can I Benefit From Online/Virtual Counselling?

The great benefit of Online/Virtual Counselling is simply it’s ease. Instead of making plans for babysitters, accounting for traffic and rushing to be on time or decipher directions, you can simply face your computer, or even your cellphone, and we can begin the process through the use of video calls on Skype (or another medium, if you’d prefer). This is especially handy if you stay in an inaccessible place, or far away – there is no mission involved in attending sessions.

Online/Virtual Counselling can be individual, for couples, and even families. It can often be quite a logistical nightmare to get all the members of your family together for a family session – Online/Virtual Counselling is perfect in this situation. Family members from far and wide can simply join a Skype video call, and the counselling process can commence.

If you do prefer face-to-face sessions, contact me to schedule an appointment for Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling  for you and your spouse, or Family Counselling .

Online/Virtual Counselling

Through the medium of Skype, counselling can now take place in the comfort of your home, or even your workplace.

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