Group Counselling in Centurion

What is Group Counselling?

There is definitely a place for individual counselling, where a client can sit face-to-face with the counsellor and share their deepest thoughts – however, some people take comfort from the knowledge that they are not alone, that there is someone else (or a group of people) who can not only empathise with what they are experiencing, but have actually been there themselves. The sense of community and belonging that is the result of group counselling can strengthen each individual, but also encourage the group as a whole to work together in order to overcome their hurts. People in group counselling can provide new ways of thinking and new insights to others, while at the same time gleaning tips from them.

Group counselling is focused around a specific issue or topic. The whole purpose of this type of counselling is for the individuals in the group to feel like they are not alone, and like they are accepted by others. The counsellor acts as a facilitator in this type of counselling, and may introduce topics for discussion but will not dominate the conversation. Some people can become very isolated when experiencing certain issues, and can start to avoid doing things that used to make them happy – like interacting with friends or family.


Can I Benefit From Group Counselling?

Individuals who are going through, or have been through, divorce, have experienced a trauma (hijacking, robbery), have lost a loved one, are recovering from the abuse of a substance, are suffering from depression or anxiety, or even eating disorders can benefit from this type of therapy.

Often, when a trauma has been experienced, it can make a person feel so alone, like no one understands how they feel. Group therapy brings these people together, to share pain and receive support from others who have experienced the same things. Sometimes an event can lead to a person losing their normal support structure, and so group counselling can ease the person back into the social side of things, and once these interactions become easier, can lead them back to their old social life, maybe even with one or two new friends.

Alternatively, Personal or Individual Psychotherapy  can help if you feel more comfortable with only one person, or trauma counselling , if you’d prefer.

Group Counselling in Pretoria

Group counselling is when a set of individuals who have suffered the same experience come together, and, with the help of the counsellor, share these experiences and gain healing from the process. This type of therapy shows individuals that they are not alone, and allows them the opportunity of receiving social support, relating with others, and finding their own ‘voice’ by expressing their feelings and needs in a group context.

Abbigael Green is a specialist in Group Counselling based from Rooihuiskraal in Centurion, Pretoria. If you or a family member need a group counsellor in Pretoria please call, whatsapp Abby on +27 76 126 0155 (Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm and Saturday: 9am – 1pm) or email [email protected] for an appointment.

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