Grief Counselling in Cape Town

What is Grief Counselling?

One of the most excruciating forms of loss any person can experience is that of a loved one. Sometimes the loss is sudden and unexpected, other times it comes as the result of chronic suffering. Either way, some individuals require help processing not only the pain, but the lifestyle change that this loss brings with it. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. While some people can express this pain through tears, others cannot, and so they worry that they are not grieving ‘correctly’. There are myriad emotions associated with loss, and no one can tell you that the way you are dealing with them is right or wrong. Grief counselling, or bereavement therapy, is aimed at helping clients cope with this loss, and mourn their loved ones, while helping them to live a life that is not totally consumed by grief.

One of the sad consequences of losing a loved one is the change that this brings in everyday life. The purpose of grief counselling is to assist the client in expressing the range of emotions they are feeling; from sad and alone, to angry and rejected. Grief counselling allows the client to express these feelings in a safe environment, and then work through them so that they may again function optimally. It also aids in imparting new coping techniques onto the client, for those inevitable moments in the future when the grief starts to feel overwhelming again.

Can Grief Counselling Help Me Cope With My Loss?

Grief or bereavement counselling will help you come to terms with your loss, and enable you to think of your loved one without the crushing pain. Grief counselling can also help you by enabling you to talk about the pain and loss, and thus share the burden with someone else, who can give you the support you need.

Anyone who has lost a loved one recently, or in the past, should consider grief counselling if this sense of loss has not been resolved. Further, sometimes people experience ‘anticipatory grief’ if, for example, their loved one suffers from a terminal illness – they too can benefit from grief counselling. If the loss was particularly traumatic, trauma therapy can also be considered, and sometimes marriage counselling  can also help by equipping your spouse with the tools to provide you the love and support you need.

Grief Counselling in Western Cape

Grief counselling aims to assist the client in dealing with the loss of a loved one by focusing on specific areas where this loss has impacted everyday life, identifying strategies to help the client cope while allowing them to find comfort in the memories of their loved one without being overwhelmed by a sense of loss, and by providing a safe environment where the client can express and process these feelings.

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