Do you.

The good ol’ days

When we were young, the pursuit of happiness was really simple. An ice cream, a visitor, a chocolate, even a drive in the car was cause for excitement. I’m sure we all remember those days fondly. Why then, when we age, do these things not elicit the same feelings in us? What does actually make us feel that happy or excited? When was the last time you felt these emotions? It’s a sad but indisputable fact that as we age, life and work and cooking and commuting and paying bills get in the way of us doing things that makes us feel, quite simply, happy.

HappinessĀ isĀ a choice. Is it cliched? Yes. Is it any less true? Absolutely not. Sometimes we just actually have to make the choice to prioritise our own happiness over the myriad other things that demand our attention. Maybe an evening or even a weekend away somewhere, alone… Maybe taking a drive somewhere with your favourite music blaring in the background… Whatever it may be, spend some time figuring it out, and then invest in doing it. We find ourselves tired and burnt out if we don’t take care of ourselves, and I’m sure this quote is familiar to most people, “You can’t pour from an empty cup”.

The quote ends off by saying, “Take care of yourself first”. and while this may seem obvious, time for ourselves is not something we consider or prioritise when there are other things that need doing, but it is so important and so rewarding when we do.




Things that seem troublesome and burdensome and insurmountable are viewed in a different light when you aren’t stressed and running about in a mad frenzy. Sometimes we forget that life is, in fact, good. That we can make the best of things, that we are in control of our emotions and our own lives and thus can take time to realign our priorities and start focusing on things that make us happy, rather than things that are draining. We still have to deal with the not-so-great parts of our lives, but when we look at them through the lens of our own personal fulfillment, they don’t seem quite so bad.


Just do you

Be who you are, do what you like to do – once you are taken care of you can better take care of others in your life, and the experience will leave you feeling reenergised, rather than drained.

Our lives are so busy these days, that when we do get downtime, we’re quite happy to just spend it in front of the TV, or being on our phones. But there is more to life than this, and so I encourage you, do the things that make you feel happy and carefree. Think for a minute what those things are…

Maybe making that list is harder than you expected?