Communication and Parenting

What changed?

Parenting today is quite different from what it was in the ‘olden days’. Technology and the ever increasing need for both parents to work in order to make ends meet has left a rift between so many parents and their children. Our lives are so busy, and the family order that we once knew has changed, and in some situations, deteriorated so completely that parents feel they hardly know these children they brought into the world.

TV Dinners

A question I ask of most of my clients is this: “Do you sit together, at a table, at dinnertime?” Without fail, the answer has been ‘No’. TV dinners are the way now. This is something so vital, something we never questioned growing up, because eating at the table was so ingrained is us, but yet it is absent from most of our lives now.


Communication Breakdown

Technology is a massive reason for this disconnect between parents and their children. Social media means that children can go hours without lifting their heads from those little devices, and they become more comfortable communicating over the web than they do in real-life. Of course, parents are just as guilty of this, and this addiction to phones leads to a massive breakdown in communication.

Fast-paced = Chill at home

Another big problem, not so easily combated, is that parents work such long hours, with days that are so full and non-stop, that when they get home they just want to unwind, watch TV and not have to think. This is, of course, not inexcusable, but needs to be dealt with nonetheless. It’s not that TV and chill should not be a part of anyone’s lives, but rather that it should encompass a smaller percentage of our time.


Simple. Make that concerted effort for phones to be put away. Sit together at the dining room table. Talk to your children. Sometimes, it’s really as simple as that.