‘Sometimes the only way
to carry a heavy burden
is to share it with another’

Jim Butcher

My approach to therapy is collaborative, which means I work with the client in order to find a solution to the problem which will result in transformation. My approach is non-pathologising – the focus is on strengths and potential for growth, rather than on deficits. I firmly believe that each individual is capable of resolving their own issues, with just a little bit of assistance. My therapy is holistic, and as such encompasses the emotional and psychological sides as well as the spiritual, social and physical.

To paraphrase Jung, happiness requires a measure of sadness – without it, the word loses its meaning. Life is not without hardship, and nor should it be. We would be unable to appreciate the sun without the rain. However, while pain and sadness are a part of life, they are not the only aspect of it – yet it can be so easy to get lost in only the negative, in catastrophic thinking that snowballs to the worst-case scenario.

According to Vygotsky, the zone of proximal development is the difference between what a person can do alone, and what they can achieve with a little bit of help. I aim to provide this help, not by telling my clients what to do, nor through sitting back and expecting them to figure it out by themselves, but rather by giving them the tools and resources to look within themselves and find a solution to what is plaguing them.


I have been formally trained, and received my Honours degree, in both Psychology and Educational Psychology respectively, which means that I work with children, teens and adults. While the bulk of my education has taken place in Western Cape, I completed a small part of my studies in New York. My approach to therapy combines all the theoretical knowledge I have acquired over the years with practical experience gained from interactions with clients. I am a believer in the fact that change is always possible, and seeking help in this endeavour is always a step in the right direction.

My job is to assist clients in looking at their problems from a fresh perspective, and seeing them as issues to be conquered, rather than insurmountable problems. I aim to encourage my clients to overcome their pasts, and live in a present that is compatible with their desires, while viewing the future with hope and anticipation. My therapy is focused and brief; I aim to arrive at a solution and implement it, in order for the client to begin embracing these changes and experiencing fullness of life.

In the famous words of Gandhi, ‘No one can hurt me without my permission’ – I aim to empower my clients, and place control of their lives back in their own hands, so that they can be crafters of their own destinies, rather than victims of their circumstances.

My fees are in accordance with required medical aid rates, and I am also contracted in to most medical aids. I request that my clients pay for their sessions up front, after which it is possible to claim from medical aid. At this stage, I only accept cash, but it is also possible for clients to pay via EFT and then send the proof of payment directly to me. However, I ask that this be done before the session, rather than after it.
Please take note that appointments should be cancelled 24 hours in advance – failure to do so will result in the session being charged for.

Counselling: R450 p/h
Psychometric Assessment (Flat Rate): R2000
Remedial and Academic Support: R250 p/h

(Please note that most medical aids will not pay for Remedial and Academic Support)