I am a Registered Counsellor in Private Practice, in Centurion. I work with a wide client base encompassing people of all ages and backgrounds, with a myriad of unique challenges. I have a background in both Educational Psychology and Psychology, which makes my stance to counselling integrative in nature. Below are listings counselling and therapeutic services that I typically see people about or you can read more about me and my approach to treatment here.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is a one-on-one, collaborative process between counsellor and client. This type of therapy is very personalised and allows the client to receive feedback and tips from the counsellor. This can help the client develop new perspectives and deal with emotional trauma in an adaptive way.

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Online Counselling

I offer counselling online, that can be conducted in the privacy and convenience of your own home. There is no need for travel, and the obstacle of distance is overcome too.

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Couples Counselling

This type of therapy involves specifically dealing with issues that arise in the course of a romantic relationship between two individuals. This type of therapy is aimed at improving communication between both parties, re-establishing emotional connections, and renegotiating commitment, where necessary.

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Family Counselling

This type of therapy aims to address issues within the family unit. It is aimed at improving communication between family members, enhancing the quality of relationships, strengthening bonds and increasing the overall happiness of the whole family. This type of therapy is also recommended if parents are going through, or considering, divorce.

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Impact Therapy

Impact Therapy is a versatile, multi-sensory and creative approach to counselling that is concrete, rather than abstract in nature. This type of therapy is thought-provoking and action-oriented, and it challenges negative perceptions that clients may have about themselves.

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Trauma Counselling

This type of counselling is in response to a traumatic event that the client has experienced. It enables the client to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and stop living their lives in that particular moment in time. The aim is to aid the client in living a more fulfilled life, in spite of the trauma they have undergone.

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Parent Guidance

The attitude and involvement of the parent/s can greatly impact the performance and overall well being of their child/ren. Parent guidance aims to provide parents with the tools to aid their children as best they can, and positively impact on their emotional well being, while strengthening their relationship and opening avenues of communication.

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Grief Counselling

Grief counselling aims to assist the client in dealing with the loss of a loved one by focusing on specific areas where this loss has impacted everyday life, identifying strategies to help the client cope while allowing them to find comfort in the memories of their loved one without being overwhelmed by a sense of loss, and by providing a safe environment where the client can express and process these feelings.

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Monday – Friday: 9am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 1:30pm

Subject to my availability, I also provide after hours consultation, at a rate of R500 per session (50 minutes). Please contact me to enquire.

Rate: Counselling: R450 per session (50 minutes)

Family Counselling: R750 per session (90 minutes)